Crimestoppers With Don Coppola 6-20-19


For this weeks crimestoppers segment, Sergeant Don Coppola from BRPD was in studio.  He talks with Brian about two fugitives that the BRPD is currently looking for?

What fugitives are BRPD looking for?

The first fugitive being searched for by BRPD is Justin Guidroz.  He is wanted for a crime he committed back in June of 2017.  In regards to Justin, well, dude looks like a lady (as Aerosmith would say), he is a cross dresser who knocked on someone’s door and struck them in the head with a bottle after asking to come in and use their phone.  Coppola explains how they determined that Guidroz was the one who committed the crime.  As far as Coppola knows, this was an isolated incident.

The second fugitive on the run is a man named Brian Varnado.  Mr. Varnado is wanted by the East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office because of an April 19th incident in which he walked into the Home Depot on Coursey Blvd. and help himself to one of their fine chainsaws and walked right out of the store. Through crimestoppers, the community gave a lot of helpful tips in order to identify him, including his tattoos.

How often do fugitives turn themselves in?

Coppola says that when it comes to people turning themselves in, it’s more common than people may think.  He explains the possible reasons for why people might turn themselves in.  Coppola also talks about how helpful people in the community are when it comes to contacting crimestoppers and providing tips on the suspects.

To learn more about crimestoppers or submit tips that you may have call 344-stop or visit their website at

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