Safety Suggestions For Summer Travelers


James Bier, a technology expert, Chief Channel Development Officer and co-founder of VAR Staffing, discussed with Brian an important topic for that not many travelers are aware of.

What is “Juice Jacking”?

The new term “juice jacking” is a new type of cyber-crime that involves kiosk charging stations with cords that can extract your data from your smartphone, tablet or other computer device. This is mostly seen in airports but nowadays it can be seen anywhere else.

As travelers, we might think this is an amazing idea and invention since we see our phones and devices running out of power and the kiosk charging stations make it seen effective and efficient to charge our devices. What we don’t think beforehand is that some of those kiosks might have cords and bricks that can potentially extract your data.

A kiosk with exposed charging cables doesn’t expose where that cord is connected to and that is a huge topic of concern and alarm for travelers. Instead, travelers should seek for a brick connected to the wall to charge their devices. “It is like if you find a toothbrush on the ground, certainly you wouldn’t put that in your mouth and use it, you probably would just throw it away”, said James Bier.

The airline trade group, “Airlines For America,” projects that every day this summer, over 110,000 people will board an airplane. That number is up from the roughly 93,000 daily travelers, which includes the more “travel savvy” business traveler. That number could increase as airline ticket prices, when adjusted for inflation, have decreased for 4 years in a row.

With roughly 18,000 travelers per day who don’t regularly fly…

What are some suggestions for when you want to charge your devices while in an airport?

The majority of this Kiosk charging stations seems legitimate but people often don’t know where the cord is plugged in to. Bier shared some suggestions for next time that people travel in an airport such as use your own cord and charge in a general outline to be safe. Try to not use off market charging cords and devices and use your best perception when it comes to kiosk charging stations.

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