Garret Graves On Funding Projects

Garret Graves

Congressman Garret Graves was on the show and spoke with Brian about what’s occurring in our nations capitol.

What is the 9/11 victims fund?

Graves explains what this bill is and how benefits will be provided to victims of the 9/11 attacks and the families of those who died.  He says that if victims didn’t report health problems within two years, they were ineligible for aid.  Graves wants to make improvements to this.

Why is Deepwater Horizon money being used for infrastructure?

Some of the money from the BP oil spill is being used to fund infrastructure and could take away money from coastal restoration projects.  Congressman Graves explains that the state of Louisiana lost tax revenue from a variety of things due to the oil spill.  He says that the purpose of the Deepwater Horizon fund was to replace the lost tax dollars and not necessarily give the money to one specific area.  He also talks about why the restore funds aren’t being distributed as quickly as they should.

What is being done about the drainage problems in Baton Rouge?

Graves says that record funding was secured for Louisiana and we’re looking at around 3 billion in new flood protection investments such as the Baton Rouge area flood control project.  This project will improve drainage in Baton Rouge to minimize the amount of standing water on the streets.  It will evacuate water out of our region at a faster pace an into the Gulf of Mexico.

What is being done to improve aviation and infrastructure?

Graves explains what he is working on right now which includes aviation improvements, mainly improvements to the Boeing 737 planes.  He is also working on infrastructure in regards to the trucking industry to help move products across America.  He previews a new transportation bill and the meeting tomorrow on climate change.

What improvements are being made to healthcare transparency?

The Congressman details that improvements in transparency are being made to healthcare so that patients can see what they are being charged for before being treated.  Graves also explains that with more transparency, hospitals will be held more accountable for overcharging people and unethical practices.  He wants to get more generic drugs and imported drugs in order to lower the price of medication.

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