Franz Borghardt On Cellphone Rights and Chemical Castration


Attorney Franz Borghardt was in studio today to discuss a multitude of topics.

What are your cellphone rights when it comes to cops?

Recent discussion occurred to determine how much privacy one has when it comes to their cellphones.  If a police officer stops you and asks for your phone, do you have to give it to them?  What steps can you take before providing the cellphone to ensure more privacy?  Franz and Brian talk about how much privacy citizens have on this matter if the officer doesn’t have a warrant.  They also debate whether or not people should be given more or less privacy.

What is Chemical Castration?

A law is being considered to perform chemical castration to convicted rapists and sex offenders.  Chemical castration is a process where the convicted has to take pills that would eliminate their ability to get and erection and would also lower their libido.  This is done to prevent the sex offender from committing future crimes.  The results of this medication is not permanent and if they stop taking the pills, their libido will slowly be restored.  Brian and Franz talk about whether or not this should be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

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