Louisiana ranks in the bottom third in United States for using vacation days

louisiana vacation days

According to­­ the Fox Business Report, one of every four Americans do not plan out any vacations because of the fear of missing out on work. Mark Fenner, a business strategist, in an interview with Brian Haldane shares two reasons to consider on this topic. The first one is that there is a high competitive working environment in the United States. The people in the workforce feel the pressure to stay engaged and to not fall behind in their jobs. Second reason to be considered is that since the workforce is very competitive they do not want to leave their teammates alone, they want to be there helping the organization succeed.

Why don’t employees use their vacation?

This perception of “I do not want to take some days off and leave for vacations because I have to give the company my all” is actually misguided.  From any employee and employer, it is hard to give the company your all when you are not at your all. You can only give as much attention and energy as you give to yourself.

A good and successful workplace is generally made of good and hardworking employees. If one of them takes off a few days to “recharge their batteries,” she or he has to believe that the rest of the team will do amazing things with or without her to keep succeeding.  Fenner stated that “good leadership is not only how your team performs when you are there but also how they perform when you are away”.

When it comes to culture, Americans appear to be the ones who take fewer vacations than others. A lot of people may believe this is something that the government needs to address but the truth is that the government does not have to be involved anymore since there are already some good fair labor laws. This is more of a matter of freeing society and start seeing a shift soon of people offering or encouraging others to take more vacations and actually using them. The first step to take, according to Fenner, is to go work for an organization where you love what you do and you love the people around. If you progress as a good employee and you bring value to what you have to do, you are already at advantage.

How does Louisiana compare to other states for vacation usage?

According to Forbes magazine, Louisiana is ranked 37th among the 50 states who take the least vacation in the United States. In Louisiana, employers are not required to provide their employees with paid or unpaid vacations benefits but if they are to be provided, they must comply with the terms of its employment contract. Since it is not mandatory in Louisiana to provide with mandatory vacation dates, some residents might hold on to ask their employers for those days and they are in fact empowering and boosting Louisiana’s rank of the states with the least vacation in the U.S.

As stated in WalletHub, Louisiana was ranked as the 18th hardest-working state in America while Baton Rouge is the 100th hardest working city out of the top 116 cities. Louisiana shows to have some hard work employees who appear to not take their vacation days nor ask their bosses for them.

As Fenner stated in the interview, there’s nothing wrong with giving your employer your all, but it is important to keep in mind that the value you bring to your employer can decrease with your fatigue. This is why employees should not be afraid to get some days to recharge your batteries. All employees need some of those days.

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