Brian Beltz on Memorial Day Driving.


Brian Beltz is a Content Manager for 1.21 Interactions and he spoke with Brian Haldane about the dangers of driving during Memorial Day weekend.  He explains that with more people on the road, there is more risk for accidents, and the numbers back that up. showed that from 2012-2017, there were 2,506 fatal crashes during the holiday weekend, killing 2,776 people.  This represents an 18.6 percent increase in fatal crashes over a typical four-day period.  The Study shows the number of crashes during Memorial Day Weekend vs. a typical four day span and Louisiana’s accidents are up 21% during Memorial Day weekend.  Beltz talks about why these crashes are occurring and what safety measures can be done to make things safer.  For more information on the study that was performed, here’s a link to the website.



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