When Real People Run For Office

Tre Bargas drums

Stumbled across this Facebook video of Gordon “Tre” Bargas wailing on the drums Tuesday Night. How cool is that? Dude just made the run-off for Constable and he celebrates by crushing some CCR.

I can’t tell you how much I wish people running for office on all levels would just be real people. We force them into these personas of phony, saccharin, starched, robots that never allow for the humanity and personality of the person to ring true. Then we vilify them when the flaws of their humanity show up. Sure, we get staged photo ops of politicians hunting, or playing catch, or whatever, but it always comes across as disingenuous. This struck me as an honest to God, pure, real moment. I wish we had more of this from those that represent us, because quite frankly, in a representative republic, this is who we are too. (Not to mention… Dude’s got some game)

Tre Bargas

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