Endorsement: BRITESITE made my crappy house look like new!!


I recently had Brian Jordan and his staff from BRITESITE come and give my old house the once over. They use a patented Soft Wash system, that uses no high pressure washers, no harmful chemicals and – I have to say – the results are amazing!! I have vinyl siding on my house and it almost immediately started to grow nasty algae and mildew. Just look at the before and after pics below!

Look at that nasty black crap! Notice that it is now GONE!

The parts that were painted over wood also had a gray/black haze of funk. When BRITESITE was done, it looked like a fresh paint job!

Then there was the ROOF! Like many folks, our roof had those dirty, streaky stains. I thought it was just dirt, but it’s actually biological material that slowly eats away at the shingles and shortens the life of the roof. After the BRITESITE treatment, the roof looks like new!!  All the cleaning solutions they use are safe for people, plants and pets and they break down into harmless carbon & water in just days. 

Louisiana is a petrie dish for growing mold, mildew and algae – especially on the surfaces of your home. BRITESITE makes all that go the hell away! Are you curious yet? Here is how to contact them:

BRITESITE Environmental Roof & Exterior Cleaning

225-888-4407. Online at BRITESITE.pro

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