The Friday Foodie: At the grill with Chef Troy Deano.


Big meat on the grill.  That’s right in Chef Troy’s wheelhouse.  How about doing a 10-12 pound brisket? Well, here’s how:


1 wagyu brisket

1 ounce garlic juice

1 ounce onion juice

Creole spice

Kosher salt

Inject brisket with both juices. Rub with creole spice, and season with salt.

Let marinade for 24 hrs

Cook in alto sham at 250 degrees for 10 hrs

Place on sheet pan and press until cool. Once cooled cut into 3 oz slices.

Do not discard juices.

Troy’s Horse Cream

 4qrts sour cream

1qrt Dijon

2qrts fresh ground horseradish

1pint lemon juice

5T salt

2T cayenne pepper

2T white pepper

1qrt fine chives


Method; Combine all ingredients in large silver bowl and mix well.

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