The Friday Foodie: Chef Gino Sclafani with Lobster Roll


Chef Gino Sclafani of Ruffino’s joined us this morning with a killer recipe for lobster roll.  Here’s how:

Steamed lobster — 1 lb. or more / Mayo / Lemon Juice / Lemon Zest / Hot Sauce / Old Bay Seasoning / Salt & Pepper / Chopped Scallions / Minced Garlic / Tarragon / Flat Leaf Italian Parsley / Salted Butter Brioche Bread or Rolls

Chop lobster into chunks / mix wet & dry ingredients, seasoning to taste / mix well for a good wet, but firm consistency /  brush melted salted butter on brioche / toast brioche / stuff with as much lobster mixture as you can handle…. Bite, repeat, enjoy.

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