This might be one of the best Super Bowl party treats ever. Really.


My buddy, Troy Deano, came up with a sophisticated looking, great tasting, good served either hot or cold,  and easy to make slider for your Super Bowl party:  The French Onion Slider.  Here’s how:

Cut small Hawaiian rolls for sandwich use and place up against one another on a baking sheet.   Brown some crumbled, seasoned ground beef in butter, and caramelize some sweet onions.  When fully caramelized put the beef and the onions on the bottom of the Hawaiian rolls.  Top with swiss, emmentaler, or gruyere cheese (or a combo of all) and add the top of the roll. Baste top of the roll with melted butter and salt and pepper top of roll.  Bake for 20 minutes at 350, and, voila!


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