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red bayou showThis week, Scott and I talk all things Trump. They start off with the inauguration itself and head up to Washington DC to talk with Mike Bayham. Mike was at the inauguration and happened upon the weekend’s women’s march. He gives a first hand account of what he saw while he was there. Bayham talks about the pusle of the crown, the make0up of the crowd, and how President Trump’s inauguration compares to others in the past. He even recounts a story of a few protestors trying to take a seemingly impossible selfie with a giant, homemade… well, best to let you hear the story.


After our conversation with Bayham, Scott and I switch gears and talk with State Senator Conrad Appel about what the Trump effect will be in Louisiana. They ask specifically about the withdrawal from the TPP, the appointment of Rex Tillerson, and the appointment of Betsy Devos. Before the conversation turns to President Trump, the guys get a little feedback on what’s to come in the near future from the State Legislature. Is another special session on the horizon (spoiler alert: it probably is) andhat can we expect from that special session should it be called? 


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