Women make scene on Allegiant flight, get bumped, miss last chance to see their dad before he passed away. Who is to blame? THEY ARE!


Two sisters are upset with Allegiant Air for delaying them from getting to their father’s death bed before he expired. Here’s what happened. For reasons unknown they were not seated together on the plane. Before takeoff, one sister gets a text saying “hurry, he’s gotten worse”. She gets up and goes to her sister’s seat to console her. A flight attendant tells her go back to her seat, she puts up a fight; making the old “you have to understand our circumstance and make an exception” argument. They wind up getting kicked off the plane for making a ruckus, and have to catch a later flight – missing their father’s last minutes on Earth. Now they’re all pissed at Allegiant. Click to hear me and Bill talk about this on “A.M. BATON ROUGE”…

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