What EXACTLY is it that you’re afraid of??


I “borrowed” what you’re about to read from someone who posted it on Facebook, but it pretty well sums this crap going down since last Tuesday night:

I keep seeing people post on how they are terrified, or scared? Well.. what are you scared of exactly? War? Because that’s happening. School shootings? Because that’s happening. Pipeline? That’s been happening. Terrorism? Definitely alive and well. Going broke due to health insurance? Mm yes. Corruption throughout the system? Already there. Police officers being murdered? Yep, that’s happening. Bullying? Check. Loss of jobs? We’ve got that on lock. A tanking economy. Yep. Being discriminated against for your religion, political views, sexual orientation, race? That’s been going on. Rape, murder, violence, riots.. all going on and has been.

I’ve seen people go as far as hate speech because “what will this do to the gay community?” Guess what.. you still get to be gay, you still get to be a boy, or a girl, or a boy girl, or if you self identify as a house you can still tell people you’re a house. And that’s not mockery, because apparently that’s a real thing. I don’t really care what you are, but what I do know is there are FAR bigger issues than this.

So tell me, what are you scared of that is not already happening basically everywhere? This isn’t a Trump problem, this is a people problem. Y’all need to reevaluate your own selves..

Maybe America is a little too scared and a little too easily offended.

Quit being scared, crying around, offended by everything.. step up and do your part as an American, no, as a damn human being. Treat others with respect, help and encourage one another, raise your kids right, be a contributing member of society. Make sure your hands are clean, that’s your job. Burning the American flag? Get out of here with that crap, how about you do your job to make it a better place.

But right now, all I see is hate. It’s disturbing, and the ones with the most hate are being exactly what they claim to be against.

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