The Disney Gumbo Recipe Fiasco Interpreted In Memes

willy wonka gumbo

gumbo dr evilThis week Disney posted a “gumbo” recipe that was supposed to be a healthier alternative to the Louisiana staple… and Louisiana didn’t take it well. Facebook exploded Tuesday with reaction from DeQuincy to Galliano, exposing the myriad of problems with Disney’s well-intentioned, but ill-fated attempt at Cajun cooking.

What were some of the problems? First of all, they didn’t start with a roux. Their ingredients included tomatoes, kale, and quinoa. And I think one of the overriding themes that caught people’s ire was that it was one of those sped up recipe videos. As if gumbo can me made on the fly. We take pride in our gumbo. We cook it slowly, with love. To speed it up is an insult. Disney pulled the recipe some time Tuesday evening.

If anything, South Louisiana should be thanking Disney for posting the recipe in the first place. It’s nice to see Louisiana rally together like a family. Sure we do it in the wake of tragedy, but it’s cool to see it when it’s about something that isn’t a natural disaster. (though some would argue that recipe was a very unnatural disaster)

Here are a handful of memes that captured everyone’s emotions about the “gumbo.”

joker gumbo

mugatu gumbo

gumbo dr evil

willy wonka gumbo

bat man gumbo

office space gumbo

pulp fiction gumbo

archer gumbo

interesting gumbo

cow gumbo

austin powers gumbo

success gumbo

Maybe next week Disney can offer up a red beans and rice recipe… for us to make on a Tuesday. #SMH


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