How is Baton Rouge handling the situation?


red bayou showEvery week on the Red Bayou Show, Scott McKay and I try to book guests that bring an informed, authoritative perspective to the conversation. So, when talking about Baton Rouge in the wake of Alton Sterling’s death, we decided that AMBR co-host, Kevin Gallagher was the guy to bring that perspective… and we were right.

How has Baton Rouge handled the fallout from the shooting versus how much influence have out of town protesters had over the events? We talk about police response, not just use in terms of use of force in controlling the protests, but Kevin gives an in-depth analysis of the handling the message as well. We evaluate and grade the performance of leadership on every level from local to state to national.

We also talk about policing for profit, and the negative affects it has on the less affluent members of society, leaving many with bench warrants that stem from something as simple as a ticket they couldn’t afford to pay.

I asked Kevin about the response he has gotten from both the radio audience as well as law enforcement in the last two weeks. What are people saying, and how are authorities reacting?

On a personal level, I miss hanging out with my radio family and trading ideas on what’s important to our city. Sitting next to my former co-host, it felt like we haven’t missed a beat. I can’t thank him enough for giving up an evening w/ me and Scott, when I know all to well how early the next day’s show gets here.

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