Chef Troy Deano: Strawberry marmalade makes a good start


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With strawberry season upon us (despite crop setbacks from the March flood), Chef offers up a recipe for yummy marmalade and couple suggestion for using it in some delectable dishes.

Strawberry marmalade

¼ flat             strawberries small dice

2 each           onions small diced

½ cup           sugar

½ cup           rice wine vinegar

Make a gastrique out of the sugar and vinegar, add the onions and berries, cook till almost nape.

Keith’s Easy Cheesecake

2.5 lbs           cream cheese

1 ¼ cup        sugar

1 ½ tsp         vanilla

1 each           lemon zest

1 cup             heavy cream

add all ingredients to mixer except for cream. Once smooth slowly add cream until incorporated into the mixture.


1 cup             flour

1 cup             brown sugar

½ cup           butter

¼ cup            pecans

mix all ingredients thoroughly to hear Troy walk you through, on “A.M. BATON ROUGE”


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