Does anyone like Daylight Saving Time??? Anyone?


daylight saving kidThere are few things in this world more outdated than Daylight Saving Time. I really wish it would just go away. This time of year inevitably brings out 2 sides of an argument that should’ve been moved to previous question years ago.

The people against it, argue that since we are no longer an agrarian society, we don’t need to base our clocks around adjusting to their time. Quite simply, their argument, which sounds reasonable, is “if you need to wake up an hour earlier during this time, do it and leave the rest of us alone.”

The people for it argue that the bitching about it revolves around the laziness of people who are tired for a day or two in the Spring because they lost an hour of sleep. They argue that burden of resetting clocks is outweighed by the benefits of having an extra hour of daylight to get stuff done. But then they go and spout off non-sequitur statistics and they lose me. They say things like DST reduces crime and heart attacks. There are numbers to back that up, but to attribute those numbers directly to DST and not the millions of other contributing factors that are involved, seems like a stretch at best.

I get all the arguments for it, but to me, the arguments against it are far greater. That being said, I don’t see it changing anytime soon, so rather than sit around bitching about it, why not have a laugh or 2???

First, there’s the reason it was started:


and, of course, getting the kids to adjust:

pillow fight

There’s the fatigue:

alarm clock snooze

and the obligatory caffeine to power through it:

k cups

Then, there’s the reminder you get a week later…


and let’s not forget, there’s those that don’t understand what time of year it is right now:

cher spring

Let me leave you with this thought… If Daylight Saving Time threw off everybody’s DVR by an hour, it would be gone in a heartbeat

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