A professorial look at the closing days of the Special Session & the Republican Primary


Red Bayou LogoAssociate Professor of Political Science at LSUS, Advocate Columnist, and Blogger Jeff Sadow joins Scott McKay and Brian Haldane this week to talk about the final days of the Special Legislative Session. Jeff addresses what tax increases we’re seeing and where they are in the process. He also takes note of the almost complete lack of any reform when it comes to cuts.

The guys also cover Presidential politics, talking about last weekend’s Louisiana Primary and what it means for the rest of the nomination season. Jeff gives his evaluation of the top three republicans, noting Trump’s populism being his main draw in Louisiana. In fact, he said considering how Louisiana is typically drawn to the over-the-top personality in any race, he was surprised Trump didn’t win the state by more than he did. Jeff compares Cruz’s situation in this race to Ronald Reagan’s in 1980, and he basically says it’s Florida or bust for Rubio. Scott, Brian, and Jeff cover strategy moving forward and the possibility of a unity ticket.
Also worth noting, the guys go the entire show without talking about a candidate eating a booger, or the size of anyone’s junk!

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