An update from inside the Capitol… well in the parking lot, but whatever


Red Bayou LogoThis week Jeremy Alford, publisher of joins Scott McKay and Brian Haldane to talk about the Special Legislative Session. Jeremy talks about what is going to happen with the “clean penny” sales tax. Is it a done deal? Will it go to conference committee? If so, what kind of deal will be hammered out? He also answers questions about the cigarette tax, what cuts to the budget and reforms are being made. Jeremy covers what this year’s tax increases mean for next year’s budget and what victories the new Governor can claim as part of this session. And of course, no visit from Jeremy would be complete without an impromptu Louisiana History lesson (If you’re a big nerd like Brian, you get excited about this). This time, it’s about John McKeithen and taxes that were proposed and accepted close to 70 years ago and how we’re seeing those same taxes brought up today.

After talking to Jeremy, Scott and Brian discuss the Presidential race. Scott gives an in depth description of what is going on with the Hillary Clinton e-mail scandal and why some I.T. guy is being offered immunity. They wrap it all up by talking about the Louisiana Caucus and Primary. They also talk about whether or not Trump is just an inevitability at this point.

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