Are state taxes really about to go up? Is that the answer?


the red bayou showDoes raising taxes really solve the state’s problems, or does it further entrench lawmakers in the mindset that when you run out of money, you just go grab more? This week on The Red Bayou Show, Scott McKay and Brian Haldane are joined by Patrick Gleason from Americans for Tax Reform. In this episode both Brian and Scott give separate, yet equally valid reasons for not liking the proposed “clean penny” addition to the sales tax. Patrick then lays out a few ideas of his own as to why Americans for Tax Reform feel that Louisiana Legislators have created the problem they are currently facing. Namely, he talks about how spending got out of control to begin with. Gleason then explains how a strategy of raising taxes doesn’t play well when juxtaposed with what is going on in other states in our region.

Gleason explains ATR’s position by saying that real reform of Government never happens when the prospect of raising taxes is on the table. He adds to his argument by detailing the federal taxes that Louisianans have been burdened with in recent years, especially, those associated with Obamacare.

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