How do you botch day 1?


the red bayou showWhat kind of political power does a new Governor bring to his 1st session when  he loses his first battle? And when that battle is over who he wants to be Speaker of the House??? And when that loss comes on the same day he’s sworn in???

John Bel Edwards laid out an ambitious agenda at his inauguration. The most efficient way to carry out that agenda would have been to have an ally as Speaker of the House. That puts “his guy” in the position of power for committee assignments, which helps fast track the bills he wants to see become law as they make their way through the Legislative process. If you want to kill a bill you don’t like, you take it out in committee; just ask Representative Mike Johnson about his Religious Freedom Bill in the 2015 session.

But, rather than suggest a Republican name or two for the job that he can work with, Edwards opted to run with a Democrat to be Speaker of a majority Republican House. That plan backfired and Edwards will now have to start his job by playing catch up.

Scott McKay and I talk with State Representative Alan Seabaugh about the new Governor’s first week in office, and what Representative Seabaugh thinks will happen next in the upcoming budget session, and Regular Session to follow.

We also talk a bit about President Obama’s final SOTU, and about a Ted Cruz rally that Scott attended.

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