Jamie Foxx thinks an Oscar makes him a genius, apparently…


Filmmaker Quentin Tarantino is already the subject of a growing call to boycott his films over comments made critical of police. Basically, Tarantino is jumping on the Black Lives Matter bandwagon and encouraging people to vilify LEO’s and NEVER trust them. Now, Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx steps in to defend his pal and “Django Unchained” director. Apparently he thinks his Oscar makes him qualified to speak on socio-political dynamics.

Celebrities….please SHUT UP about police matters, gun control, global warming and a long list of other topics. Especially your criticisms of law enforcement. Many celebs wouldn’t last a DAY doing what your average LEO does. They harshly criticize them, but are quick to call on them for help when the going gets tough. (MY stalker keeps stalking me!) In the linked article, Foxx advises Tarantino to “keep telling the truth.” The problem here is that in this country today, “truth” has little meaning for many. “Truth” is what they say it is. Many still believe the “truth” is that Michael Brown was an innocent child, shameless gunned down by a racist cop who decided to kill a black kid that day – despite forensic evidence that supports the narrative that he attacked a cop and the cop defended himself. They don’t care about that truth. It doesn’t fit their narrative.

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